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Trade Show Graphics

Looking for brilliant graphics that attract customers to your booth? You've come to the right place! Our equipment gives you bright graphics and crisp photos that demand attention. Our designers have produced effective trade show graphics for thousands of trade show booths. Let us put our know-how to work for you!

Typically, we do trade show graphics in one of three ways:
  1. Crystal laminated prints- they are easy to roll up and ship, and are applied to the carpet material on the face of a booth with Velcro. The pebble finish surface cuts glare from bright show lighting, while allowing the colors to come through brilliantly.

  2. Gatorboard mounted prints- board mounted prints are dressier, and perfectly flat. Usually they are crystal laminated as well. For maximum durability, we can apply a plastic edge strip around the prints that keeps them crisp and fresh with repeated handling. For mounted prints that will be used only once, foamcore board will work fine and is less expensive than gatorboard. For curved booths, we will use 50 point board, a double weight poster board, which can take a slight curve. We also can mount to 1/8" Sintra, a solid plastic material that is very durable, and will also bend to a curved booth.

  3. Vinyl Banners- These banners are printed on a matte finish material that accepts ink beautifully and will not give you trouble with glare. We can provide hangers for suspending the banner from the pole at the back of your booth, or put grommets in the top and give you S hooks that will go over the pole. We also stock two varieties of banner stands. Banners are easy to transport and install in your booth, and can often allow you to do your show without the expense of buying a display booth.

Dye Sublimation is also available