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30 Day Trial - Low Price Guarantee


Storage Services

We will store any display, up to 2 cases, in our storage area for $49.99 per month. Our storage service includes the following:
  1. Upon every arrival your display will be inventoried, set up to ensure its proper operation, automatically repaired per any required warranty work, and repacked.
  2. You will be e-mailed an inventory list every arrival.
  3. You will be advised of any non-warranty work needed on your unit.
  4. We will drop ship your display for you (using your shipping company and account number) to your destination up to four times per calendar year at no charge. After four times, your credit card will be charged $49.95 for each drop shipment we process.
  5. Your display will be insured.
  6. You won't be blind sided by missing parts, burned out light bulbs, lost displays, etc., etc. when you arrive at your next show.
One missed ship date requiring the use of a high priced last minute shipper (like Fed-X or UPS Red), will pay for almost the whole cost of storage.

And how many times have you gotten to your show, to realize that your light bulbs were burned out, or a piece of your display was lost or broken? We will make sure that your display is properly prepared!

Leasing Plans

Available on 10' units:
  • 10' Arc "Base Kit"
    • 1 year lease, $183.27 per month plus applicable taxes.
    • 2 year lease, $99.80 per month plus applicable taxes.
  • 10' Arc "Deluxe Kit"
    • 1 year lease, $229.11 per month plus applicable taxes.
    • 2 year lease, $124.76 per month plus applicable taxes.
First and last month's payments plus applicable taxes and shipping charges are requred in order to start a lease.

Eighty percent of your purchase price can be credited towards the retail price of any upgraded display. The "Trade In" must be returned freight prepaid in reasonable condition.

Used Displays
The demand for used displays is tremendously high. Please call the factory at 909-947-2662 to check for current availability. Generally, most used units can't be told from new and are discounted 30-40% off of the retail price.

Emergency Services
24 hour emergency service is available to established customers. Purchasers are given a toll free pager number that is in service 24 hours a day.

Graphic Services
We have graphic services available to assist in production of your logos, diagrams, and text for your display. Please call for information.

Dealer pricing available, please call Mark Bartholomew at 909-947-2662 for dealer discounted pricing.