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Dos and Don’ts to Ensure the Effectiveness of Your Tradeshow Displays

It sounds simple enough, doesn’t it? You show up, set up your tradeshow displays, become the hit of the event, and go home with thousands of qualified leads.

Not really. There are some definite things you can do to make your tradeshow displays work harder for you. Here are a few of our favorite tips for increasing success.

Using Tradeshow Displays at Tradeshows
  1. Get there early. Even though you have most likely been given the dimensions of your space, it’s a great idea to survey the hall before you set up your tradeshow displays. Many have been caught off guard once they arrived forcing them to scramble at the last minute.
  2. Survey your neighbors. Look around your area at the types of tradeshow displays others are setting up. Will yours be lost in the crowd? If so, make adjustments to bring more attention to your booth. Have someone standing in front of your area to greet visitors — instead of behind a counter. Offer free samples or a drawing. Visit a nearby store and buy lots of colorful, helium balloons to use in your booth.
  3. Have a backup plan. Nothing strikes fear in the heart of an exhibitor like hearing, "I’m sorry… the shipper must have lost your boxes." Now what?! Tradeshow displays from are lightweight, easy to transport, and affordable. Carry an extra display in your car, or check it as baggage when you fly to your new destination. This way you can be sure your event will go off without a hitch.
  4. Have professionally designed displays. "Homemade-looking" tradeshow displays do little to impress show visitors. They also present a cheap image of you and your company. Go all out with professionally designed tradeshow displays in order to gain attention and draw traffic to your booth. offers graphic-design services for tradeshow displays. Contact us for details.
  5. Use a variety of sizes. Let your imagination go wild! To create an eye-catching booth, choose several sizes of tradeshow displays. Use one for a backdrop; add pop-up displays on tabletops; and create an entranceway or border for your booth with banner stands. The more creativity you use, the more traffic you’ll stop.
Have questions about getting the most effectiveness from your tradeshow displays? Need someone to store, maintain, and ship your displays? Ask us! In addition to manufacturing and designing tradeshow displays, we offer a variety of other services for your convenience.

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