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Are there magical locations on the tradeshow floor that insure exhibiting success? Must be as show management will often charge more for certain locations than for others. There are also point systems that allow exhibitors with the most points to choose their booth locations first. If others get all the magical locations then why exhibit?

The reason is because many companies have tremendous success with booth locations that are generally not identified as one of the magical locations. So are booth locations really that important?

What can you do to equalize the playing field and maximize your exhibiting opportunities no matter where you are located?

First, when reviewing the show floor plan consider your proximity to the following and evaluate how each may affect your potential audience:

  • Entrance / Exits
  • Registration Area
  • Food Service Areas
  • Restrooms
  • Seminar Rooms
  • Power, Water & Air Sources
  • Competitors
  • Windows
  • Escalators / Elevators
Windows for instance are a rarity in convention centers- however, an exhibitor displaying their products in Houston had selected a location near windows on the west side of the show-floor. Late in the afternoon the setting sun caused such a bright glare that it was extremely uncomfortable within their exhibit.

Although this location was quite nice during most of the show, they may have lost their window of opportunity to meet with many of their potential audience due the unpleasant environment while the sun was setting.

Each of the areas mentioned above may positively or negatively influence your audience. It is up to you to evaluate how they may affect your exhibits success.

So how do you equalize the playing field? You need to become a target for your potential audience. You can accomplish this with Pre-show and At-show promotions, focused signs and graphics as well as with good exhibit design.

Skip Cox, President of Exhibit Surveys, states the following, Research concludes that in and of itself, the location of an exhibit in a hall: front, rear, right, left, center, etc. is not a major factor in performance. Factors under an exhibitors control, such as exhibit size, pre-show promotion and the use of attention getting techniques, are much more important than location in attracting visitors.

And the good news is that Exhibitor Magazine reports that show promotions; pre-show, at-show and post show promotions have increased from 3.0% to 6.1% of exhibitors total show budgets. Join this trendit works.

The use of pre-show promotions should inform your existing customers and prospects of their benefit to visit your booth at the show. At-show promotions should inform both your unknown and known audience of their benefits to visit your booth. Post-show promotions should reiterate the benefitsa good reminder.

Clear, focused booth graphic messages should inform the viewer of their benefits when using your products or services. If your benefits are on target with their needs, they will visit you. Do not forget that show attendees are spending their time and money to visit with people who can be of benefit to them. Graphics with focused messages are a key equalizer.

Good exhibit design is also an element of attraction. The design of your exhibit should reflect your companys objectives for exhibiting at each specific show. Does yours?

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