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Exhibits are not for tradeshows exclusively. In order for you to get your maximum value from your exhibit investments you could incorporate their use into many of your marketing opportunities.

A current trend is the use of special or private events to promote and sell a companys products and services. While not too many years ago a company might exhibit only at tradeshows many companies now host their own events, in addition to or in place of tradeshows.

This has become such an active form of marketing and sales that many companies have incorporated their tradeshow activities into their event marketing budgets. Consequently, a term commonly heard today is not simply tradeshows but tradeshow events.

And that is a good thing. Many companies are now getting more use from their exhibits.

Following is a list of activities, opportunities or places where you can use your exhibit other than tradeshows. How many are you taking advantage of?

*Lobby or Reception Areas *Sales and Training Meetings * Recruiting
*Sales Presentations *Community Affairs Events *Annual Meetings
*Special Events *Charitable Campaigns *Employee Recognition Events
*Management Meetings *Product Introductions *Seminars
*Showroom Displays *Employee Communications *Vendor Reviews
*Presentations to Investment Analysts *Laboratory and Technical Presentations
*Plant and Office Tours *Company Anniversaries *Seasonal Events
*Banquets and Parties *Reseller Support *Sponsorship Activities *Mall Marketing

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